The holiday tournament attracted over 700 youths within Bulambuli and surrounding areas, we had 12 teams of boys below the age of 16 confirmed for the tournament of 23 teams that requested. The 12 teams were grouped into a group of 4 teams that played against each in respective groups, each group produced two best teams for knockout level (quarter finals) then two best 3rd placed teams also qualified to pick the 8 teams. The 8 teams played according to the fixture and had the 4 teams qualify to semi-finals, thereafter, we had two teams for finals where we had AVS soccer Academy and Bulako Sports Academy, we saw Bulako sports academy take the day while AVS youths took the second place. The best selected boys in Bulambuli Visited CRO youths in CRO Sports Facility and had time to experience quality sports facility In Mbale and also interact with young experienced CRO youths in Mbale.

Many children and youths have developed self-confidence, representation and motivation towards sports and education. Health forcus has been at its peak, given the openness that young people are expressing has helped us find means of helping them especially those with cases of sexually transmitted infections which is sometimes part of their family heritage. The Sports and health education focus during training sessions is now part of the sports program, which is given by the coach. Many young people in the community are now willing to learn which has made it possible to adapt to new learning programs through sports on topics like health, sanitation, conflict resolution, anger management in sports among many other topics.

So far two tournaments with our own boys who didn't make the finals, however despite losing in both we had the best performance so far and overall a great achievement for us.

Melisa Enos - AVS Assistant Manager

Whilst Marie is on her current visit to Muyembe she was able to participate in a meeting for all past and present students. The agenda included; Belonging to AVS, participating run by AVS, supporting AVS once you have left school etc. thus forming an alumni association. He are some photo's of the meeting. We had a great contribution from an ex-student who is qualified as a Clinical Medical Officer who told us of his plans for developing a clinic with other medics and from the income will help support other students.


I have just created my fundraising page for my Ugandan Adventure in June with my friend Mary Hossack. At the end of May we are jetting off to Uganda to take part in the Uganda Marathon. On 5th June will be running a half marathon which will involve 21km on tricky terrain, under the African sun, at high altitude! We've been training hard since last year, when we both took up running for the first time. I wouldn't say I'm a natural runner....but I'm getting there! Last weekend we raced a 15km run with obstacles in the South Downs in preparation for the hills of Uganda and on 8th May I'll be running in the Hackney Half marathon with Jack. All this will hopefully get my legs ready for Uganda! We're not aiming for a specific time, I've been told this isn't the race for that, just finishing in one piece will be reward enough for us! If you wish to donate please click here and to read more about the charities download this link. Many thanks for supporting us, Torie & Mary x

During my recent visit to Uganda there has be lot's going on with our students which you can read more about by clicking on this link. Most importantly our new manager responsible for our students, Melisa Enos, is well organised, supportive, caring and working on increasing the involvement of the students as part of the 'AVS' family. I met with both past and present students which always fills me with great pride. A huge thank you to our Student Sponsors, without you these bright, wonderful young people would not have the great fortune to be educated to the level they are.
On May 12th this year, Marie and her good friend Trish Lewis made their way to Buckingham Palace for the very special presentation of the BEM to Marie for her dedicated service to African Village Support and the charitable work she does in Eastern Uganda. At precisely 4pm four very special people appeared on the terrace of Buckingham Palace; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. Unfortunately we could not take photo’s of the royal family however as you will see below we were able to take a photo of Marie on the royal lawns, sitting with Trish outside the palace and later at the Café Royal.

Marie’s son Steve took Marie with Julie to the Cafe Royal where they had a wonderful time and Marie was presented with the gift the trustees had bought for her to commemorate her British Empire Medal that she has been awarded for her dedicated service to African Village Support. A photo of Marie wearing her medal will be available soon.

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