We are forging ahead with our hostel refurbishment and again we have been incredibly fortunate to have successfully raised £10,000 for the next stage which will include building a ceiling in the girls’ dormitory. At the moment, the lack of a ceiling creates high temperatures in the dormitory making it almost impossible, if not only extremely uncomfortable, to live and sleep in. Then come the rains it’s incredibly noisy and again difficult to live and sleep in. The floor has also begun to wear away creating a lot of dust and debris under foot so we will replace this with tiling. We have also agreed to build a new recreation room which will allow the girls to unwind after school, do homework sitting at a table or even watch a DVD or TV if we can get the equipment cheaply enough. The bathroom cubicles are not the most hygienic of places so we will also tile these. This will also mean an improvement in drainage and damp and create a much better place to live in.

Before....                                                                          And after....
The objective of this project, based in rural eastern Uganda, is to motivate expectant mothers or mothers with young babies to attend the health centre and help to reduce infant and mother mortality rates in the area. The Mama Bag will provide basic items to help with hygiene and care for new-borns and their mothers. Each expectant mother is required to attend the health centre clinic at least twice before they can receive their Mama bag. Each bag contains items such as rubber gloves, cotton wool, vaseline, sanitary pads and a selection of new born baby clothing. We are delighted to say, with your help we were able to raise enough money to send a cubic meter of baby clothing out to Uganda. This is a lot of clothing supplied by supporters of AVS. We will bring you updates and photo's soon! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR AMAZING CONTRIBUTION.

The last rain was before Christmas and the dry spell that has destroyed crops. The great majority of the villages are facing severe food shortage and we are looking to raise funds for up to 6 high-quality, human powered treadle irrigation pumps, each costs £120 each. They are easy to install and operate with no tools required. They can irrigate up to 2 acres of land per day and can pull water up to 23 feet (7 meters in new money) and weighs 35lbs (16kg). They are also durable, rust resistant, highly efficient with guaranteed quality.Please donate here JustGiving

Working with The Farmers Guide Uganda we are training the AVS women groups in sustainable farming and agribusiness. The main aim is to improve these womens livelihoods through training to improve their yields and income and standards of living. More information on our development will be available soon. We have also completed training over 100 women on modern sustainable agriculture and agribusiness which we hope will give our womens groups a better and more successful way of growing and cultivating crops.

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